Boost your revenues with product upsell

Boost your revenues with product upsell

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Sell event merchandise right from your ticket shop

Get your attendees to pre-purchase food, drinks or merchandise with their tickets & collect them on-site.

Increase your earnings

Sell event merchandise from within your ticket shop to secure pre-event payments.

Entice attendees with everything you have on offer, reduce queues on the day with quick scan & collection.

Selling event merchandise with tickets straight from your own website

If you sell it, list it

Empower your attendees to pre-purchase anything from food, drink, merchandise or VIP packages with their tickets.

Showcase everything you have on offer in every colour, shape and size.

Sell food, drinks and merchandise within your Nutickets ticket shop.

Data that puts the power back in your hands

Track sales to see which products are performing the best. Manage stock to meet demand and keep your customers satisfied.

One platform for all your tools

Create, manage and analyse your campaigns from your TicketZone dashboard with a range of extensions.

Create your perfect software package with add-on features.