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Create a seamless event experience with a cashless payment system

Boost spending with quick tap & go payments
Reduce security risks & keep track of all payments
Analyse customer spending habits in real time

Cashless payments made simple

Join the cashless revolution to stay ahead of the game. Replace inefficient cash handling with secure RFID cashless payments at your events. Boost venue and gain valuable insight into attendee shopping habits with a contactless payment system.

Take payments with a tap of the wristbands

nable your attendees to pay with their unique RFID wristbands, using just your Android or iOS devices. Cashless payment wristbands let your attendees spend preloaded credits so they can quickly buy food or merchandise at the event with a tap of your wrist. Reduce queuing and increase spending by 30% with RFID cashless payments. Because quicker payments mean more time to have fun!

Transform the event experience

Hand your attendees their branded contactless wristbands preloaded with credits and enable them to top up on-the-go. Then let the fun begin! Keep track of all the transactions, improve your security and operational efficiency.

Embrace the power of data

Gain insight into attendee shopping habits with a contactless payment system for your events. Discover who your most valuable customers, are and identify your best performing stalls and products. Use this powerful data to optimise your next cashless event and explore sponsorship opportunities!
  • Add-on ticketing & entry solutions
  • Online or offline operation
  • Payments with RFID or QR codes
  • Payments with RFID or QR codes
  • White label, branded wearables
  • Optional on-site training & support
Customised solutions for every cashless event
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